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* Receive Freedom * EFT 2-session

* Receive Freedom * EFT 2-session

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The Receive Freedom package contains 2 individual EFT coaching sessions lasting approx. 75 - 90 minutes. Here we can work deeper on problems or trauma. Unpleasant feelings such as anger, sadness or hurt find their place and can thus be completed or closed.

The advantage of a 2-pack is that you have more time and space between the sessions to discover for yourself which topic could come up for you afterwards. You will probably only discover in the process which feelings and topics are actually behind it. We also have the opportunity to build on childhood experiences and to accept or complete these feelings.

At the end of each session you get a tapping sequence that you can use for yourself in everyday life. If you are interested, just book here via my website. I will contact you afterwards.

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